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Hey! 👋 I'm Max Cohen

I'm the Chief Evangelist over at hapily

After 7.5 wonderful years at HubSpot I've joined the team at hapily.  We help HubSpot customers and Partners do more with HubSpot by building wonderful apps on the HubSpot app ecosystem.

If you are a HubSpot Partner, we need to chat about the grow hapily Partner Program.  Grab some time with me here.

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Want a 1 on 1 coaching session? 👇

Now that I am on the "outside" I am experimenting with offering limited availability HubSpot product / inbound strategy coaching in my free time.  You can now purchase slots of the 5PM - 6PM EST hour of my day to get my advice and guidance on all things HubSpot.  I spent 7.5 years onboarding customers, training HubSpot new hires, and coaching sales reps on HubSpot.

If you are a current HubSpot employee email me from your email for an exclusive discount code 😎

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